​​Professional Ballet Training for Aspiring Dancers​​

APRIL 27th    (FRIDAY)
6:30PM -8:00 PM     



New Introduction to Ballet classes added!
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Private Lessons

Master Classes

Pointe Classes

A fun, weekly walk-in group class for students with prior ballet training. This class is taught by Prima Ballerina, Jennie Somogyi. 

(Making a reservation is recommended)

1 Hr. 30 minutes 

A one on one pointe class teaching proper pointe work, strengthening the correct muscles and making sure the dancers pointe shoes fit and move properly on their feet.​​

1 Hr.

A small group pointe class for students who have been preapproved by Ms. Somogyi.​​

1 Hr.

A customized class based on the student's abilities. This class is one on one professional training to work on improving the student's weaknesses and building upon their strengths and knowledge.

1 Hr. 30 min
2 Hrs 

Coaching for Auditions  & Competitions

Introduction to Ballet



In this one on one session, dancers work on solos or variations with Ms. Somogyi. Performance quality and technique are improved and students learn from a professional how to perform in front of judges as well as audiences. 

1 Hr.
1 Hr. 30 minutes 
​​Introduction to Ballet is a 16 week group class for girls ages 7-10 years old. This class will consist of weekly one hour classes designed to learn proper ballet technique and alignment. Classes will be begin Friday, February 2nd at 4:30pm and will run through until the last class on Friday, May 18th. 

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A private student assessment.  Ms. Somogyi will give a few simple steps and movements and talk to the student and parent(s) about what needs to be improved moving forward. 

​​45 Minutes